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The Amplifier Press

Established in Cardiff, Wales in 2017.

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The Amplifier Press works with individual clients and groups to create original pieces or limited editions using vintage presses and wooden and metal type. Combining a range of analogue techniques including letterpress and screenprint, we will help you to realise your inky ideas and typeface dreams.

We offer a range of training courses in letterpress and relief printing techniques for everyone from absolute beginners to professional printmakers interested in exploring something different. 


The Amplifier Press manufactures bespoke polymer printing plates up to A3 size. We create deep relief printing plates for use in letterpress and other techniques.  Line, text, tone and photographic halftones can all be produced with high level of accuracy and fidelity.


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The Amplifier Press, Room 5, Market House, Canton,



Telephone: +447768 607016